Southern California Vocal Association
2018 Junior High/9th Grade Honor Choir Application Form

Please enter your information accurately into all fields  (including proper spelling, capitalization
and punctuation), then click only once on the "Submit Application" button at the bottom of this page.
Please check with your Choral Director to find out what his/her preferred e-mail address is.
You must then enter your Director's e-mail address accurately.  Please also ensure that your e-mail system
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Singer's Information
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If you do not see an audition site listed, it is already full, so please select an alternate site.
If I am selected for the Honor Choir, I will attend the regional rehearsal at:
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 I understand that I am auditioning for an HONOR CHOIR, and am expected to fulfill the following if accepted:
    Attend and be ON TIME for my REGIONAL rehearsal and the ALL DAY rehearsal and performance on April 21.
    Clear all conflicts BEFORE I audition, and that if selected, I will fulfill my duties faithfully.
    Respect everyone helping with the Honor Choir and to follow all directions given to me.
    Conduct myself in a manner worthy of an HONOR student.
    Have all music learned and memorized by the April 21 rehearsal.
    I understand that if I cannot fulfill the above requirements, I should NOT audition.
 Photo & Video Release: I hereby authorize SCVA to publish images and video of me taken during this event for
    use in SCVA print, online and video-based marketing. I understand that no monetary compensation will be given
    for use of these materials.

Audition Fee of $10.00 per singer is due by January 12, 2018 to ensure your desired audition date and site.
You can use PayPal with any major credit card on the next screen, or mail a school/booster check or money order payable to "SCVA" to:
  Marcelo Martinez - SCVA
  Spring View Middle School
  16662 Trudy Lane
  Huntington Beach, CA 92647