SCVA Newsletter (on-line version) – January 2003


An Honor Choir Thank You – Randi Carp, Vice-President, High School Honor Choir


Although the Honor Choir concert seems like a distant memory to many of us, I am sure it will remain at the forefront of the memories of those students who participated.  Dr. Bruce Mayhall and Dr. Joshua Habermann helped provide a remarkable musical experience for the students and a haunting and beautiful concert for those who attended.  The concert site was a scenic accompaniment to the delightful music.  We all have the people at Lake Hills Community Church to thank for their support of this program.


Congratulations to those students who have been selected to continue in the California ACDA All-State Choir.  Their performance will be in Pasadena during the State CMEA conference in March.


The SCVA Honor Choir was successful this year do to the assistance and support of many, many music educators.  Those directors that hosted sites, adjudicated auditions and helped facilitate the rehearsals and performances are the ones responsible for the smooth operation.  Here is a list of people that need to be thanked:


Claire Rowan, Jennifer Stanley, Scott Hedgecock, Merryl Nelson, Jim Tompkins-MacLaine, Bonnie Graeve, Susan Winckler, Craig Gruenberg, Tony Azletine, Bill Wagner, Cathy Crawford, Wyant Morton, Rachel Lee, Marlys Marsteller, Rich Messenger, Rich Brunner, Ron Soderwall, Leslie Benjamin, Sheila Converse, Katherine Griff, Kathy Cobb-Woll, Sheridan Ball, Percy Hawkes, Erin Terreri, Joe Schubert, Craig Gruenberg, Tim Lutz, Pieter Goedhart, Grace Sheldon-Williams, Jason Harney, Nancy Gray, Debbie Montpas, Brenda Kenyon, Nancy Shirley,  Kerry Burtis, Aaron Mosely, Bonnie Pumphrey,  Leland Vail, Michael D'Spain, Shawn Taylor, Mark Henson, Ken Tuttle, Beverly Brule, Jackie Doyle, Karen Swank, Cindy Jorstad, Linda McGregor, Colleen Kennedy, Sara Maloney, Lisa Lopez, Jonathan Talberg, Mary Purdy, George Attarian, Bob Keller.


In addition, Lori Marie Rios and Desiree La Vertu were indispensable in preparing the students for the arrival of our guest conductors.  Joe Schubert, Nancy Gray and Tony Azeltine jumped in to help with sectionals and accompanying and are also to be thanked.

As with all events of this magnitude, there were certainly some logistical challenges. Namely, the conflict with other events, directors having difficulty meeting posted deadlines, directors new to their position who did not receive the initial materials, the delay in receiving back audition scores, the disparity between the information published by ACDA and SCVA and, for some, the audition process itself.  Fortunately, we managed to prevail over these tribulations and provide a magnificent experience for our more serious vocal students.  If you would like to be active in creating changes that would further enrich this event, please get more involved with SCVA.  It is the most effective means of having your voice heard.

Please join us all at the All-State Concert in March and be on the lookout toward the end of the year for information about getting your students involved in next year's SCVA Honor Choir.


Junior High/Middle School HONOR CHOIR – Jeffe Huls, Vice President, Junior High/Middle School Honor Choir

Greetings!  I hope this newsletter finds you all rested from winter break and ready to tackle the rest of the year.  Don't get too comfortable, Junior High/Middle School Honor Choir is right around the corner and we need your students!

While many plans are still pending finalization, I am pleased to announce that the students will be singing under the very talented baton of Peter Rutenberg.  Mr. Rutenberg is the director of the highly praised Los Angeles Chamber Singers and Capella.  The group has recorded a number of CDs and receives much acclaim for its wonderful interpretation and warm sound.  I am very excited that the students will have the opportunity to work with such an accomplished conductor.

Our goal is to form a balanced SATB choir.  Seventh, Eighth and Ninth grade members of your choral programs are eligible to audition.  (Sixth graders who are part of a junior high/middle school program may also audition.)  Ninth grade Tenors and Baritones are especially encouraged to audition.  These singers are often the backbone of the Honor Choir.

Please share the honor choir information with your non-member colleagues.  It is not too late to become an SCVA member in order for their students to be eligible for this wonderful experience.  Non-members are urged to send in their student’s audition applications.  Prior to auditions, Shawn Taylor (Membership Chair) will contact directors who need to join or to renew.

The audition application is included in this newsletter.  Postmark deadline for completed applications is January 16.  Please contact me with any questions you may have.  I'm looking forward to an exceptional concert.

Audition Tips

       Major and Minor Triads may be sung on any syllables or on numbers.  Singers will be given verbal instructions and the starting pitch (root of each triad) will be played:  Soprano I – G   Soprano II – F   Alto I – E   Alto II – D   Tenor I – G   Tenor II – F   Bass I – E    Bass II – D

       “America” is to be sung a cappella demonstrating tone quality, intonation, and preparation.  Singers will be given verbal instructions and starting pitch will be played:  Soprano I – Bb   Soprano II – Ab   Alto I – Gb   Alto II – Eb   Tenor I – A   Tenor II – G   Bass I – E    Bass II – D

       Major scales are to be used to determine the voice part for each singer.  (Note that young


Wednesday, Jan. 15:  Applications and fees due to your director in class – $5  application fee in cash or money order (payable to SCVA)

Thursday, Jan. 16:     Deadline for directors to mail completed applications – Jeffe Huls , Lincoln Middle School, 1501 California Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90403

Wednesday, Jan. 22:  Audition time/location confirmations emailed and faxed to directors

Saturday, Jan. 25 or Feb. 1:   Honor Choir Auditions – see application for locations (choose either date to audition)

Monday, Feb. 10:     Notification letters sent to students and directors

Saturday, April 26:    First Rehearsal, 12-30pm- 4:30pm, Santa Monica, CA

Saturday, May 3:      Second Rehearsal 12:30pm-4:30pm

Sunday, May 4:        Final Rehearsal  1:00pm; Honor Choir Concert, 3:30 p.m.

Audition Procedure

       Perform one verse of “America” (My country ‘tis of thee…) memorized and sung a capella emphasizing tone quality, diction, intonation, and presentation.

       Demonstrate tonal memory skills (4-5 note passages sung on any syllable)

       Demonstrate melodic and rhythmic sight-reading skills (single line, unaccompanied melody, song on any syllables)

       Sing a major scale, major triad, minor triad (on any syllable)

Participation Fee

The participation fee for SCVA Honor Choir members will again be $30.  This fee covers music, conductors, accompanists, and rehearsal/performance facilities.

Junior High/Middle School Honor Choir Application

Junior High School Festivals – Linda Nason, Vice President, Junior High Festivals

Thanks to all who volunteered their school sites for the upcoming festivals.  As you can see, we have a large number of hosts and dates.  The deadline for all applications is March 1st.  Please note that some sites have limited seating, making these a "first come, first served" basis.  Also be sure to note the start times – they are different for each date/site. You will want to make sure that the music you choose for your group is "festival quality."  Questions?  E-mail me!

Send your applications (included in this newsletter) to me at 9580 Cardinal Ave., Westminster, 92683. 

List of Junior High Festivals
Choral Festival Application

Senior High School Festivals – Joe Modica, Vice President, High School Festivals

List of Senior High Festivals
Choral Festival Application

Young Men’s Choral Clinic – Steve Clausen, Vice President, Young Men’s Choral Clinic

The SCVA Young Men’s Choral Clinic promises to be a great day of music and male camaraderie.  It is always great to be able to make music, and this event will give your students a chance to spend some time singing in a large male ensemble.

This year's clinic will take place at Millikan H.S. in Long Beach on Saturday, February 22.  Dr. Donald Brinegar of Pasadena City College will lead the singers through an exciting musical experience.  In response to requests from our members, we have broadened this event which will run from 12:00 to 5:00 with an hour concert following at 6:00 pm.  The evening concert will feature our Clinic Men, the Men’s Chorus of Long Beach Poly High School under the direction of Michael D’Spain, and the Cal State Fullerton Titan Men's Chorus directed by Jesse Knowles. 

If you have not attended the Young Men's Clinic in past years, I strongly urge you to do so.  Our new format is sure to bring an exciting event.  It is a great experience for guys to sing together AND you'll be amazed at what your guys are willing to do when there are no girls around watching.

The Clinic is open to all male singers grades 6 - 12 who can sing in a TTBB chorus.  Bring all of your boys or just a few but don’t miss this great opportunity to see Dr. Brinegar in action. 

Please complete the application below and return it to me by February 7, and please contact me with any questions you may have.  If you can’t make it to the clinic, be sure to come for the concert!

Young Men’s Choral Clinic Registration Form

Show Choir Spectacular – Erin Terreri, Vice President, Show Choir

Welcome to 2003 and the Show Choir season!  You will find the application for the SCVA Show Choir Spectacular in this newsletter.  This has been an incredibly successful event and this year promises to be no exception.  The competition takes place on Saturday, May 3 at Long Beach Polytechnic High School.  This event is limited to thirty choirs; therefore, all applications are prioritized on a first-come first-served basis.

Please note the following competition guidelines:

       Each group will be allowed a maximum of 18 minutes including setup and tear down.  Groups exceeding this limit will take a 20-point penalty.

       Recorded accompaniment (tape or CD) is allowed for this competition, but live accompaniment is encouraged.

       In addition to a piano, we will provide a drum set for use by all groups.  PLEASE DO NOT BRING YOUR OWN!

       Directors who wish to conduct may do so from a designated area of the house.

       Any special effects must be cleared in advance of the festival.

       5 microphones on stands will be provided for each performance.  We will also provide general stage lighting and one follow spot.  No group will be permitted to use their own sound/lighting equipment.

       Note to directors of women's choirs: There may be no male participants on stage even if they are used essentially as a "prop."

Gearld Eskelin, Tom Kessler, and John Wilson will adjudicate this exciting event.  Look for their bios as well as further details in the next newsletter.  Remember, the deadline for the application and fee is April 3, 2003!

Show Choir Application Form

Other Important Information
SCVA Membership Application
Festival Host Application Form