• Southern California Vocal Association

Festival Code of Conduct

Directors are strongly encouraged to read this Code of Conduct to all students who are participating in SCVA Festivals.

A choral music festival sponsored by the Southern California Vocal Association provides the opportunity for a satisfying experience in listening as well as in performing. These rules are designed to encourage concert behavior in which everyone may take pride. They are not meant to stifle enthusiasm or to detract from the enjoyment of a festival.

  1. Each student is a guest of the host school and will follow the rules of that school. He/she will not leave the auditorium without permission of their director.
  2. Each student will be seated with his choir prior to the opening of the festival and will remain in his place until its conclusion. Personal needs must be satisfied before the concert begins.
  3. A courteous listener will sit up in his seat and will refrain from talking, chewing gum, eating, combing hair, applying make-up or doing homework. All electronic devices, including cell phones and MP3 players must be turned off; use of cell phones is prohibited at all times during the festival.
  4. Applause at the proper time is encouraged. However, activities such as standing, shouting and whistling are obviously inappropriate in a concert hall. Adjudicators may downgrade any performing group that displays poor concert behavior, or may withhold adjudication for obviously disruptive conduct.
  5. California State Law prohibits smoking on school grounds.