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Festival Information

General Information on Festivals


Festival applications will not be accepted unless the director's SCVA membership is current.  The festival application fee must be paid in one of two ways:  1) pay electronically through PayPal (via the SCVA website) or 2) mail a school check, booster check, money order, or cashiers check (made out to SCVA) to your VP of Festivals. No personal checks will be accepted. Fees are non-refundable unless the festival is cancelled by SCVA. One festival per ensemble, except as noted. 

Each director must bring two original copies of each piece being performed at the festival for use by the adjudicators. Duplicating copyrighted music is illegal. Photocopies of copyrighted music are not to be submitted to festival adjudicator. Any ensemble submitting photocopies will have its adjudication withheld.

A festival host may choose to provide digital audio recordings of adjudicator comments. If they do not, then you must BRING YOUR OWN RECORDING DEVICE (BYORD) to the festival to receive recorded comments from the adjudicators. You will need to provide a person to assist the judge in operating the device if needed. If no recording device is provided, then two written adjudications will be received.

Choral Festival Regulations

  1. Numbers performed by each group must be chosen from the Recommended Festival Music List published by the SCVA. Or, alternative numbers must be a similar style and spirit as the pieces on the list. Pre-recorded accompaniment tracks may NOT be used in choral festivals. Any choral group which does not meet these responsibilities will be given NO adjudication. The authority for such a decision rests with the festival host and/or adjudicators. All selections should represent the best in choral literature.
  2. Each group's performance time is limited to 12 minutes (usually three pieces).  If a group exceeds this time limit, it will jeopardize adjudication at the discretion of the festival host or adjudicator.