• Southern California Vocal Association

Junior High Honor Choir

Event: Junior High/Middle School/9th Grade Honor Choir

On-line Application and Audition Fee Due: Friday, January 12, 2018

Regional Rehearsal Site and Time
Saturday, March 24, Saturday, 9am - 1pm, Mesa Robles Middle School (Hacienda Heights)

Final Rehearsal and Performance
Portola High School, Irvine
 Saturday, April 21
   Rehearsal sessions will be from 9:00am to 6:00pm
   Concert is at 6:00pm

Sixth Grade through Ninth Grade singers
Choral Director must be a member of SCVA

Audition Requirements
Membership in the Junior High Honor Choir is based on a successful audition. Singers must be able to demonstrate that they can perform the following:

  1. Sing a major scale up and down (a cappella)
  2. Sing a major triad and a minor triad (a cappella)
  3. Sing an octave (a cappella)
  4. Sight read one melodic and one rhythmic example
  5. Sing tonal memory patterns
  6. Sing "America"/"My Country 'Tis of Thee" (a-cappella, first verse only)

Audition Fee: $10.00 per singer
Participation Fee (if accepted into the Honor Choir): $55.00 per singer
Payments through PayPal, School/Booster Check or Money Order; NO PERSONAL CHECKS

Regional Audition Dates (various sites)
Saturday, January 20:
  Lincoln Middle School, Santa Monica (host: Vanessa Counte)
  McFadden Middle School, Santa Ana (host: Greg Ellis)
  Raymond Cree Middle School, Palm Springs (host: Jeff Kopasz)

Saturday, January 27:
  La Reina Middle School, Thousand Oaks (host: Heidi Vass)
  Mesa Robles Middle School, Hacienda Heights (host: Amanda Benavides)
  Orange Lutheran High School, Orange (host: Megan Carvale)
  Warren High School, Downey (host: Robert Peterson)
Ticket Cost: $10.00 general admission (available at the door)
Guest Clinician: Dr. Angel M. Vázquez-Ramos

Contact: Marcelo Martinez
e-mail: timekp@hotmail.com
phone: (714) 846-2891