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Close Harmony Festival

Event: Close Harmony Festival

Virtual Chorus -- We have missed singing with you so much that we would like to put together this virtual chorus! Students AND teachers may participate in this!

Submissions Deadline: Saturday, May 8, 2021

Click here to get Learning Tracks, Sheet Music, Audio Submissions, and Video Instructions

Virtual Chorus Instructions

Learn your part and audio record it! You may record yourself in more than one part.
Recording must be a .MP3 file or a Voice Memo (apple).
Record with NO PART TRACK in the background, just your voice
Make sure that your part is 100% synchronized to your part track.
Tenor - Tenor 1 (Range: C4 - G4)
Lead - Tenor 2/Baritone (Range: F3 - Eb4)
Baritone - Tenor 2/Bass 1 (Range: F3 - C4)
Bass - Bass 1/Bass 2 (Range: Bb2 - A3)
Label the track Last Name First Name Part (ex: smithjohntenor)
Upload it to the Google Folder named: "SUBMIT YOUR RECORDING HERE"
Fill out the Google Form, and click "Add file" to upload your track
Video record yourself through upbeatmusicapp.
Must be recorded on a LAPTOP and on Google Chrome only. This website does not accept phone recordings.
This video is solely used just for VIDEO ONLY, don't worry about singing everything correctly, just look like you're having a great time singing!
Click this link: https://play.upbeatmusicapp.com/perform/record?id=264B346761081371
Takes you to the website, click "Continue"
Click the checkbox "I am wearing headphones", click "Continue"
Type First Name, Last Name, Performer Instrument select "Voice" "Part 1", click "Continue"
Make sure that the website is "Allowed" access to your laptop's Camera and Microphone.
Press "Continue"
Make sure that you have good lighting. Wear an old Close Harmony T-Shirt or wear a Red or Blue T-shirt.
Press "Start Recording". After you’re finished, click "Stop Recording"
Watch it back, if you're not satisfied with it, then click "Redo", if you are satisfied with it, click "Continue"
Drag Left to Right (the yellow audio wave) to calibrate the track. Preview it till the audio is close to 100% synced up.
If you're satisfied with the recording, click "Submit" and then you are DONE!

For more information, please contact Antone Rodich at: rodich.antone@tusd.org