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Privacy Policy


Southern California Vocal Association (SCVA) is a non-profit professional organization for choral music educators in the Southern California area.  We are also an affiliate of the California Music Educators Association and the American Choral Directors Association. Our purpose is to promote and support choral music education in our schools at the elementary, middle school, high school and collegiate levels. As part of our normal activities, we collect certain information from members and student participants in various activities.  The following paragraphs describe our privacy policies for using and protecting the information that we collect through this website.

Membership Information

As part of the Membership Application process, we collect names, home and school mailing addresses, home and school phone numbers and e-mail addresses for the purpose of publishing a membership directory with all of that information to our members.  Any member can elect to keep their home phone number from being published by clicking the "Do Not Publish" checkbox in the on-line Membership Application form. At any later time, a member can contact the Vice President of Membership and request that their home address and phone number remain unpublished, although the printed directory may have already been published.  E-mail addresses are only used for sending broadcast messages with official SCVA information to members.  To be removed from such mailings, please contact the Vice President of Membership.  The same policies apply to other on-line applications that pertain to membership services, such as the Fall In-Service.  Under no circumstances will any of the information that is collected ever be sold or made available to any other third parties. 

Student Participant Information

As part of the Audition Application process for High School Honor Choir, Junior High Honor Choir and Vocal Solo Competition, we collect names, home addresses, home phone numbers and e-mail addresses of the student participants for the purpose of establishing a database of information for those participants and communicating with them via e-mail broadcast messages.  Only the student names are published in the printed program for that event; no other information is published. We also collect the e-mail address of the student's choral director, which allows us to send an automated e-mail message to the director so he or she can indicate their approval of the application.  E-mail addresses are only used for sending automated broadcast messages with official information about the SCVA activity to the student participants and their choral directors; the e-mail addresses are not used to send any other unsolicited information. If a student does not have an e-mail address or wishes to withhold that information, he or she can enter "n/a" in the on-line application form for that event. If a student wishes to have their e-mail address removed from the database, he or she must contact the responsible Vice President for that event and request that their e-mail address be removed.  At the conclusion of each event, all of the data for the student participants will be purged, and no backup is retained. Under no circumstances will any of the information that is collected ever be sold or made available to any other third parties.

Official E-Mail Communication

All broadcast or automated confirmation e-mail messages from our website are sent with a sender address of "admin@scvachoral.org".  To minimize any negative effects on our website's SPAM rating, please configure your e-mail account to accept all messages originating from this address.  Any e-mail accounts that continue to reject our e-mail messages will be removed from our mailing lists.

For More Information

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