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Virtual Festival Information

Information on Virtual Festivals

For 2021, SCVA will be hosting Virtual Choir Festival Clinics over Zoom. The purpose of the festivals is to provide a motivational and encouraging experience while building connections in our choral community. Performing choirs will have the chance to exchange their recordings with each other and receive feedback from an SCVA adjudicator. An overview of the Virtual Choir Festival Clinics can be found here. Additional information can be found below.

What are the festival and registration dates?
Festival #1 will be Saturday, Feb. 27, 2021 with registration opening on Jan 25, 2021.
Festival #2 will be Saturday, April 24, 2021 with registration opening on March 1, 2021.

What time is the festival?
Choirs will sign up for one of four flights each day. Each festival flight will last for 90 minutes beginning at 9:00 am, 10:45 am, 1:00 pm and 2:45 pm.

How are the flights organized?
Each flight has a maximum limit of four performing choirs. At each of the four flights, there will be three sessions divided by performing level as follows: MS Level III and II, MS Level I and HS Level III, and HS Level II and I. You will select your performance level during registration.

How do I know which level to register at?
For registration level, please review our Ensemble Classification Definition Sheet.

What kind of a performance recording should my choir submit?
Choirs can submit video or audio only performance recordings. Recordings need to have been recorded during the 2020-2021 school year. A choir can submit multiple recordings, in either format, but the total combined play time should not exceed 7 minutes.

Are there limits on the performance repertoire?
Song selections should reflect SCVA festival repertoire standards, however SCVA recognizes the limits of virtual rehearsal and performance. When making song selections, consider what will result in a quality of product over achieving a level of difficulty.

When will the recordings need to be submitted?
Recordings will be submitted no later than three days prior to the festival. Festival #1 submissions are due by Wednesday, Feb. 24, and Festival #2 submissions are due by Wednesday, April 21. Recordings will be uploaded to the SCVA website (process is in development. More information to follow).

Will there be plaques, ratings, or comments like a regular festival?
The Virtual Choir Festival Clinics will be conducted in an exchange clinic format with an approved SCVA festival adjudicator. Following each performance, the clinician will interact with the student performers and director. The focus of each clinician will be on the preparation process and educational aspects of the repertoire. Due to the variables in recording and post-production techniques, choirs will not be evaluated on their final product. There will be no written comments, scoring or ratings. Each performing choir will receive an SCVA participant plaque. Plaques will be mailed to the director after the festival.

Will every member of my choir need to be in attendance at the festival?
We will not be taking roll or attendance. It will be up to each director to monitor their choir’s participation on festival day. However, for the clinic to work, and for the benefit of the other choirs in attendance, as many choir members as possible should be present.

Can I bring multiple choirs to one festival?
There is a limit of one choir from one program/school per flight session. Directors wishing to bring multiple groups will need to spread them out at the various flight times throughout the day. For example, you could have one choir in the 9:00 am flight and another choir at the 2:45 pm flight. Directors wishing to bring more than 4 choirs should split them between the two festival days.

Is there an opportunity for choirs to participate without submitting a recording?
SCVA recognizes each school’s situation is unique right now. Some schools face technology or funding challenges which prevent choirs from completing a virtual performance recording. However, we feel all choirs should have the opportunity to share in community with each other. Therefore, two "Observation Only" choirs are permitted to join each flight session. Directors and students from these choirs will serve as the virtual audience and share in the educational comments made by the clinician. Perhaps this opportunity could inspire and motivate students to attempt a virtual recording!

What is the cost to register?
Performing choirs are $55 and observation only choirs are $20.

Who should I contact if I have more questions?
Please direct other questions to any member of our festivals team:
Nancy Ludwig (nancyludwig6@gmail.com)
Kristen Walton (kwalton@riversideunified.org)
Dan Hawkins (scva.vpfestadj@gmail.com)